Wilderness - Testimonials

Victorians all the way from Broome W.A.  Well & truly worth the trip to arrive at Renmark - Will board the Wilderness again.  Relaxing, beautiful, majestic Murray cruise, thoroughly enjoyed gums, pelicans, eagles, fish, skiing, water, fun with friends wining & dining, water sports & comradeship!!!
Clay Family - Broome W.A

What a wonderful houseboat.  We had so much FUN skiing, wakeboarding & fishing (7 fish & 8 yabbies).  What a wonderful view along these banks.  At night we enjoyed karaoke!!
Pumpa family - Pleasant Hills N.S.W.

Fantastic holiday break on "Wilderness".  What a luxury.  Superb facilities.  Lots of fishing off the boat and on the bank.  Sharen did the girls proud catching 3 edible callop.  Lots of reading & relaxing on the top deck.  Great Sunny weather. "Karaoke rocks" on 2 great nights.  Lots of singing, wine, celebrations & toasted marshmallows on the fire.
P.S. Plenty of fish caught by the men & one monster Carp (4 feet long) that ripped the line & slipped away out of our grasp.  Maybe next time!!!  Seeya
Schiller Family - Renmark

A wonderful (& hot) houseboat weekend - After 20 yrs of houseboating we've still GOT IT!  Wilderness - entertainment centre - top marks given by all.  A beautiful boat!  Dance floor was awesome.  Good company, food, drinks - what else could we ask for ?
Tonkin family - Stansbury

What a wonderful houseboat, wish we could take it back with us.  It was a nice relaxing time.  The scenery is beautiful and the birds gave us a nice concert every morning.  Hope we didn't scare off the wildlife with our karaoke!
Crothers family - Adelaide

The QE2 of Houseboats - heaps of 'extras" we had a ball using.  The kids had a great time canoeing & swimming.  The company was excellent, food great, karaoke a laugh, 500 good fun & lots of beer & red wine consumed.  The story of the sunglasses lost & then found.  The NRMA ("Graham") very efficient & prompt when we needed him.  Thanks for providing us with an amazing , always to be remembered holiday.
P.S. Thanks for all the Christmas 'extras' !!!
Cox family - Sydney

We’d all like to tell you a tale that is true.
A yarn that is told by a real, motley crew.
We left Wilkadene on the "Wilderness One"
Intent on good larks and uproarious fun.
The weather was great. Not a cloud in the sky.
Our course was upstream. Reeds and gums glided by.
Some took turns at the wheel, with no trace of fear.
But panic set in when the bank loomed too near.
The only mishap that can’t be forgotten
In Chowilla Creek we bounced off of the bottom.
We moored (some say parked) where the skipper had told us.
Men leapt ashore with great ropes on their shoulders.
Now we’re all set for a good day-walking and fishing.
And at night svelt-like dancing and, of course, raucous singing.
Best of all was canoeing in wetlands sublime and hazy.
Till Pete showed us creeks, fast flowing like crazy.
Brian and Cyril swept off at a real cracking pace.
They both looked perturbed. Is that fear on their face?
The craft lurched to right and to left and to right.
The paddling was crude. ‘Twas an ‘orrible sight.
Which way’s up and which way’s down they seemed to be thinking.
The boat hit a log and…….they both got a dunking.
They swam to the side like two gasping drowned rats,
With canoe, paddling oars and a soaking wet hat.
The two paddled on till they reached Chris and Charlie,
Who looked at the men as if they were barmy.
We canoed back to the houseboat with feelings real glum,
To find that the crew were now all drunken bums.
Next day we went walking without our fine leader
And promptly got lost after three hundred metres.
Some passengers got hooked doing physical jerks.
Others looked and thought "What a right load of berks".
Swimming was fancied by Jan and Christine.
They plunged into water that’s almost pristine.
The blokes were all shamed into having a go.
Sue, Margaret and Margaret just dipped their big toe.
Pete’s cruise in the dingy up creeks that criss-crossed
Showed sights never seen, just like Paradise Lost.
We ate quiches, roasts, boiled beef, bacon, eggs and a curry.
Now we can’t see our toes. It’s a bit of a worry.
Of course we sipped wine at the end of the days.
Can’t tell you too much. It’s a bit of a haze.
At bedtime the couples disperse to their cabins.
Men's eyes twinkle bright.  Is it time for "shenanigans?"
a night whisper carries.  Through the air it did float.
"Keep over on your side 'cos we're on Peter's boat"
Fishing was great, though it’s been a real sod
We caught twelve whopping callop but missed out on a cod.
One day we played Bocce with balls shiny and pretty.
Egon threw best to land close to the kitty.
Friday’s bonfire night. We all gather round
With torches and song sheets and sweet dulcet sound.
Then each did an item. Some laughed and some snickered.
I heard someone shout, "Look, she’s wet in her knickers".
Our trip began with Anzac service at dawn.
A chance to digest, to thank and to mourn.
The trip is near end. We reflect and we think
Of all the above, crosswords, films and oh yes, Humperdinck.
One thing is outstanding and needs to be penned.
THANKS Peter and Jan (Freeman) who’ve been more than a friend.
C Shears - Adelaide


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