Kayaking adds another dimension...Our Minnow Perception kayaks allow two people to travel comfortably exploring the creeks and backwaters.

The kayaks have the following features:

For Nature Lovers
A wonderful experience is to take one of our Perception kayaks on your own (they are so easy to paddle and control) and explore a creek making as little noise as possible. Pick a time soon after dawn in the summer, or midday in the winter when conditions are still, and you will be amazed at all the wildlife and birds that you will surprise at the last minute. In the winter months of June, July and August the Riverland is legendary for its winter sunshine.
You will experience the incredible beauty of a wilderness area, with a slight breeze filtering through the leaves of Red Gum trees which tower above you. The piercing calls of the ever-present whilstling eagles, compose a soundtrack for your adventure. Without a sound or a movement, you can glide past big red kangaroos so close you could almost touch them. Wild pigs or goats will not hear you coming and you may have to share the creek with an Emu swimming across it.

Suggested areas for -
Kangaroos - Take your houseboat 4km up Chowilla Creek, tie up and continue by kayak along the Monoman Creek on the left.
Waterbirds - Paddle around the back of the Isle of Man which you will come to after Lock 6. Or explore the lagoon at the bend of the river at Heading's Cliff.s
Echidnas - There is a colony of about 4 living on the island opposite Wilkadene, but they are hard to spot.
Lace Monitor Lizards (large Goanna) - Chowilla Creek near its junction with the river or at the Old Customs House near the SA border.

For Adventure Lovers:
We recommend that you perfect your padding skills in the quieter creeks. Are you co-ordinating with your paddling companion so that you are able to easily avoid grazing any snags? If so you may now be ready for an exciting 'nearly white water' kayaking trip (for advanced kayakers only due to strong currents present).
On each of our houseboats are details of where to find the mouth of Seuter's Creek near the Customs House. As Seuter's Creek bypasses Lock 6, there is always a strong flow of water down it producing 'nearly white water' kayaking even in a drought year and low river flows. Paddle with the strong current for nearly a kilometre of exciting kayaking, round sharp corners and past many big snags to where Seuter's Creek flows out into the tranquil waters of Salt Creek. It is now easy paddling to turn right and paddle upstream for about another kilometre, where you go ashore (at the Wilkadene sign on a redgum tree) and carry your kayak for about 50 metres through the scrub to the main river.
An alternative circuit goes downstream along Salt Creek to the junction with Slaney's Creek. Keep looking back over your left shoulder for the junction and it is also marked by a solar panel recording tower. Paddle up snag filled Slaney's. Leave one person in the kayak for the last section and lie back in your kayak so that you can glide under huge trees bridging the creek. Finally portage around Slaney's weir.

Kayaking Circuits for 'Softies'
What about challenging yourselves with a number of half day paddling circuits down creeks which come back to the river many kms downstream. Just designate 2 people to drive your houseboat, andyou don't have to retrace your steps. We can provide you with maps, and portable UHF radios so that you can keep in touch with your houseboat.
The best part of all is that you can look forward to a cold beer, a comfortable bed, and a hot shower at the end of your expedition. Perhaps swap over with the rest of your crew so that they can paddle back upstream.

Some suggestions are:



Kayak Hire Prices

$45 per day or $110 per week.

A one man touring kayak with watertight compartment and map holder is
$35 per day or $90 a week.

Should you include a kayak in your houseboat holiday. Experienced houseboaters say yes...it adds so much to the river murray experience

Kayaking on the Murray is much
safer than in the ocean.

See why below.
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